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Advisor's Edge  |  06 June 2014

When to avoid RRSPs

Many clients assume money put into RRSPs will stay there until retirement. That’s the goal, but life isn’t always so tidy. Read more >

Morningstar  |  06 June 2014

Advisors share their ideas on thinking globally

Sharp regional differences in equity-market returns underline the need for Canadian investors to look for investment opportunities beyond their own backyard. “Investors in U.S. equities over 2013 enjoyed (as much as a) 40% return if they invested in January of 2013,” says James R. Nairne, associate director, business development at Tacita Capital Inc. Read more >

Advisor.CA  |  11 September 2013

Minimize risk with alternative strategies

Core and explore is often seen as the opposites-attract couple of investment strategies: play it safe in the core with index products; and use the exploratory or satellite component—between 10% and 20% of the portfolio—to rake in outsized returns. Read more >

Advisor.CA  |  11 September 2013

To tilt or not to tilt

You’re committed to a disciplined asset allocation strategy. Yet you also want to add alpha to your clients’ portfolios. Can you do both? Yes, by tilting: overweighting (or underweighting) certain asset classes, geographic markets or individual stocks within a broader asset allocation. Read more >  |  18 June 2013

Faceoff: Latching onto loonies

When markets are choppy, lots of investors feel safer investing in names they recognize. But this bias may be more detrimental than dynamic. Read more >

Investment Executive  |  01 June 2013

CRA puts money behind foreign reporting rules

The federal government continues to bolster its efforts to fight offshore tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance, recently announcing that it has established a team of experts at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and will be providing the agency with $30 million over the next five years to crack down on offshore tax evaders. Read more >   |  26 March 2012

Help cautious clients take risks

In Manhattan, pedestrians are statistically safer from fatalities when jaywalking than when using crosswalks. One theory: at crosswalks, people assume they’re secure, whereas jaywalkers look both ways to reduce the chance of being hit. Read more >

The Globe and Mail  |  15 November 2010

10 things you didn’t know about hedge funds

Early hedge funds got their name because they used to “hedge” against the possibility of the market falling by holding some short positions in which they bet against stocks they felt were overvalued. Read more >

The Globe and Mail  |  25 February 2010

Lighting the way out

Over nearly two decades, the Kolewaskis have succeeded in turning a small hardware store in Cold Lake, Alta., into a thriving multimillion-dollar enterprise. But the real accomplishment has been the seamless ownership transition that is nearing completion. Read more >