Our Process

Our process begins with the creation of a client’s risk and tax profile and the development of their own written Investment Policy Statement (IPS). We implement the IPS in a tax conscious manner and monitor, rebalance and revise as changing conditions warrant.

Risk  Profiling

We develop a thorough risk profile for every client. Unlike many practitioners, we separate risk capacity (time horizon, liquidity, cash flow requirements) from risk attitude (one’s personal comfort with risk). We seek to ensure that our clients don’t assume more risk than they can handle both financially and psychologically.

Tax Profiling

We also develop a comprehensive tax profile of the client’s household (including companies and trusts) in order to identify investment tax planning opportunities.

Investment Policy Statement

Every client receives a comprehensive Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) which sets out a clear written plan for the long-term management of assets. This personalized plan helps clients stay on course particularly during periods of market turbulence or exuberance.

Investment Tax Management

We integrate investment and tax planning. Asset allocation, manager and vehicle selection decisions, our placement of assets in the household, and our rebalancing parameters are all implemented with a view to optimizing after-tax results.

Monitoring and Rebalancing

Our portfolio management process includes regular asset class reviews, manager evaluations and new strategy and manager searches. We constantly seek more effective or lower-cost means of implementing strategies. We monitor each client’s portfolio regularly in relation to their investment plan and perform individual rebalancing where appropriate.

Client Communication

In addition to a comprehensive annual review, we will meet with clients as frequently as they require or prefer. Our clients also receive regular custodian account reporting, quarterly household portfolio and account reporting, and internet access to a comprehensive view of their accounts.