The Next Generation

Affluent families need to ensure that the next generation will be able to handle the responsibilities that accompany wealth.

While affluent families enjoy a greater sense of financial security, they are often concerned about the stewardship of the family’s capital over the long run. Here are some ways we can help your heirs gain the knowledge and confidence needed to ensure the future stability of your family’s capital:

Building financial literacy and competency:

  • We can include your adult children in key meetings with us and other financial professionals so they can begin to learn about the wealth management process.
  • We can introduce them to the science of investing, introduce them to the markets and educate them on the key challenges and pitfalls associated with managing wealth.
  • We can also guide them in managing a small portfolio of their own so they can become familiar with investment decision-making and the markets.

Building confidence and security:

  • We can facilitate meetings with you and your beneficiaries to discuss your vision for the family’s wealth and your thoughts on wealth management in general.
  • Should you so choose, we can brief your beneficiaries on what your financial assets and liabilities are, where they are all held, and how they are being managed.